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IZONA Products


VentSurface features a unique intuitive steam sensor extraction system that, once set, automatically senses and activates to extract smoke and steam at the moment you start cooking.

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Introducing Fisher & Paykel's new IZONA CookSurface... a world first combining the superior performance of gas cooking with the convenience of an easy-clean ceramic cook-top.

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With the launch of the IZONA CoolDrawer from Fisher & Paykel we have discovered the world first multi temperature drawer.

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Cooking with Tomorrow's Kitchen

IZONA Fisher & Paykel Appliances

A love of food

Food brings us such great pleasure; we want our experience with food to be the best. We seek out items of premium quality, try new culinary techniques, indulge in different flavours from around the world, and know that fresh is best. Taste is paramount, a reflection of style, careful ingredient selection, and thought.

Great food & great cooking

Cooking and preparing food should bring us, our family and friends together. We should feel as much at home cooking and socialising in the kitchen as we do relaxing in the living room. IZONA cooking appliances were built for us all, reflecting style and elegance, a simplicity that only the world's finest designers can achieve.

Sense of Home

Sense of home – truly comes from the way we personalise and utilise the space that we live in. In an increasingly frenetic world, our homes have become a welcome sanctuary, a unique area that gives us a private retreat to soothe our senses, and a place to socialise, exercise, entertain, love, and grow with family and friends. A sense of home comes from the way we personalise and utilise the space that we live in.

The Heart

The kitchen is without doubt the heart of our home, with many different roles, from one of basic provision, to a place of creativity and social warmth. If 'home is where the heart is', the kitchen is without doubt the heart of the home. The kitchen entices people in, to become the life and soul of the household. It is a place of captivating smells and sounds – from the sizzle of a flaming wok stir-fry to the sweet cocoa scent of chocolate – it's no wonder people can't help but congregate as soon as the intoxicating aroma of home-cooking begins to waft through the home.

Changing Lifestyle

Just as we expect quality and variety in our food, we are demanding more of our appliances, insisting on unique tools that combine innovation with reliability and performance. In tomorrow's kitchen, appliances will keep up with your ever changing lifestyle and act as intuitively as you do, innovating to meet the changing needs of your lifestyle.

Premium Quality

We want appliances that will perform whether we are creating a mid-week convenient meal or a gourmet weekend feast. Built and designed using only the finest materials, IZONA will complement your taste in design and add to warmth of the finest kitchen. Fisher & Paykel's IZONA represents truly innovative living where 'state-of-the-art' seamlessly blends with 'state-of-the-heart'. Connect with the inner chef, cooking with your IZONA kitchen appliances. Flick through a favourite recipe book, knowing that your quality appliances will work hard, think intuitively and multi-task just like you do. Now grab the opportunity to Shop kitchen appliances and a full range of household appliances with bitcoin and avail various offers. Since it became much easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with auto trading bots like bitcoin prime, you can easily reap the benefits of buying goods with Bitcoin. It's also noteworthy that, with the bitcoin prime test, you can check whether the site is legit or scam before you start with live trading. back to top