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Introducing the IZONA CookSurface... a world first in precision cooking that takes the pleasure of culinary creativity to a whole new level, combining the superior performance of gas cooking with the convenience of an easy-clean ceramic cook-top.
With a stunning black reflective glass top and ergonomic design, the IZONA CookSurface offers much more than meets the eye: its elegant design incorporates three sets of hidden pan supports for different sizes of pans within the ceramic surface. At a push of the control, they elevate from the glass surface and ignite simply by turning the dial.
When not in use, the unique design of the IZONA CookSurface provides you extra work space. Its unique gas-in-glass technology sits virtually flush with the sheer ceramic surface. The CookSurface offers premium cooking performance, unprecedented control, exceptional safety and cleaning capabilities.
The IZONA Cooksurface conveniently makes the best use of space - by removing the rarely used fourth and fifth burners form the standard cook-top design and bringing the burners alive.
  • Easy care ceramic surface. After cooking simply wipe and walk away.
  • New gas technology delivers more cooking options due to greater temperature range and enhanced flame control.

    When you are ready to cook, the IZONA CookSurface rises to the occasion, elevating integrated pan supports and burners from the ceramic surface at the push of a button.
    A simple control dial not only determines flame intensity, but also ignites a flame automatically by glow ignition when you are ready to cook - no more struggling to get a spark or flame.
    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the IZONA
    CookSurface's exceptional safety features such as a 'parental lock' and automatic gas shut-off. The CookSurface incorporates new advances in fan technology delivering you rapid heating and cooking efficiency.
  • Rising pan supports are elevated at the push of a button.
  • No need to switch the gas on, it lights itself.
  • The CookSurface will shut off automatically should the gas supply falter.
  • Strong pan supports deliver safety and stability: they will comfortably hold the heaviest pan and even manage if your pan placement is off centre.

    The IZONA CookSurface conveniently makes the best use of space - by removing the rarely used forth and fifth burners from the standard cook-top design and bringing the burners in line.
    When cooking is complete, simply press the control dial and the pan supports and burners allow themselves to cool sufficiently before automatically retreating flush with the ceramic surface.
    When burners are not in use the even nature of the CookSurface means it can be used as additional bench space; enjoy the convenience of being able to put a platter alongside your pan and transfer food directly from pan to plate.
  • Unique front row burner design allows for two people to utilise the space at the same time, or for one person to work with added freedom of movement.
  • The three-in-a-row burner layout is proven to be the most effective design for optimal ergonomics and safety.
  • Increased safety for the cook who no longer needs to lean over a hot element to access the rear burner.
  • Each aero® burner operates over a wide heating range so you can use a variety of pots and pans to suit your cooking style.


    Sheer ceramic glass surface allows for easy cleaning after cooking - wipe and walk away.


    Frameless gas cooktop with electronic control.


    Independently operated gas Aero® burners and pan supports that retract virtually flush into the ceramic glass surface when not in use.


    Easily accessible and ergonomically designed three-in-a-row configuration. Intuitive Dial control with audio and visual feedback for precise linear flame control.


    Quiet glow ignition means instant flame with no spark and no struggling to ignite.


    Uniquely designed burners ensure even heat distribution with powerful high setting and low turndown.


    Aero® burners mix fan-forced air at lower settings to reduce peak temperatures for effective simmering.


    Features a 'parental lock' as a safety precaution for children. back to top