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The IZONA CoolDrawer goes beyond exceptional refrigeration to truly revolutionise kitchen design. Optimise your kitchen space with additional refrigeration where you need it, and enjoy premium food storage using variable temperature settings.
The IZONA CoolDrawer allows you to set the temperature to Freezer, Chill, Fridge, Pantry or Wine at the touch of a button, so that everything from fresh food to frozen goods to fine wine can be stored at the correct temperature.
  • Installation and integration options to fit your lifestyle requirements and design aesthetic.
  • Variable internal compartment configuration to suit your food storage needs as they arise.
  • Additional refrigeration space to work with your existing fridge and enhance your storage and food preparation options.
  • World's first multi-temperature fridge drawer provides optimal temperature zones to keep food fresher – for longer.

    The IZONA CoolDrawer can be arranged in any configuration to create a unique and personalised kitchen layout that suits the needs of your lifestyle and complements your existing refrigerator.
    Now you can completely rethink how you design and install refrigeration around your home. From the island bench in the kitchen, to the entertainment area – wherever you need to cool food or drinks the IZONA CoolDrawer is the solution.


    IZONA CoolDrawer's simple, user-friendly ergonomics belie its technological prowess. It is designed for the sole purpose of enhancing your lifestyle, not to complicate it.
    Based on the design principles of the internationally successful
    Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer, CoolDrawer is ergonomically designed for easy access and incorporates transparent panels so you can quickly locate your food at a glance, as well as tailor the adjustable storage space to your food needs as they arise. With the CoolDrawer, a store of fresh culinary inspiration is always within reach.
  • Cooldrawer operates at waist height – no bending or lifting heavy objects.
  • A one-touch control panel is clear to understand and easy to use.
  • Full extension runners pull out for maximum access right to the back of the drawer.
  • The transparent containers allow all foods to be seen at a glance.

    There is more to optimum refrigeration than meets the eye – different foods require different storage settings to preserve quality, taste and to retain nutrient levels. The IZONA CoolDrawer completely transforms food care as you know it, ensuring you make the most of your food, keeping it fresher, for longer… and even better than nature!
    A world first, the CoolDrawer allows you to cool, chill, freeze and even store at pantry temperature at the mere touch of a button – you simply adjust the temperature of CoolDrawer to suit the shopping needs of that day.
  • IZONA CoolDrawer preserves food better than a normal refrigerator with five different temperature settings.
  • Change your temperature settings to suit your grocery needs at any time.


    Easily accessible at waist-height with smooth running drawers.


    Complements your existing refrigeration and enhances your kitchen design to suit your lifestyle.


    Highest quality machined materials and cabinet making quality.


    Five temperature settings can be tailored to the needs of your food.


    Easy to use electronic interface can change the CoolDrawer temperature at the push of a button.


    Thousands of hours of research and development have resulted in the revolutionary CoolDrawer design.


    CoolDrawer can be integrated to your kitchen design to provide refrigeration in any area. Innovative Multi-temperature fridge drawer is world first in refrigeration technology.


    Highly engineered finishing ensures a 4mm clearance between front panels as demanded by professional cabinet-makers. back to top