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Kitchen technology doesn't come any more intelligent than the IZONA VentSurface. The revolutionary IZONA VentSurface features a unique intuitive steam sensor extraction system that once set automatically activates to extract smoke and steam at the moment you start cooking.

Forget the bulky, noisy

Extractors of old – the elegant design of the IZONA VentSurface offers the ultimate in discretion and quietness. In a busy kitchen, the intuitive IZONA VentSurface offers one less thing to worry about
  • Once set to 'automatic', the intuitive IZONA VentSurface is always sensing for smoke vapour or steam.

  • The IZONA VentSurface can be automated to switch on when you start cooking to capture and eliminate smoke, steam and lingering cooking odours.

    The IZONA VentSurface can adjust the speed at which it extracts to provide the precise amount of airflow needed to extract and clear the air. When you've finished cooking and all odours and steam are removed it simply switches itself off.
    The IZONA VentSurface allows you to focus on creating culinary magic – it can be set to automatically clear the air when you need it to and at the optimum level required. The IZONA VentSurface is quieter and more efficient than conventional technology.
  • Unique design that uses increased extraction at the very edge of the surface to remove odours and vapours faster.

  • Six powerful fan speeds automatically adjust to deal with every imaginable cooking vapour.

  • An intelligent alert feature indicates when your filter needs cleaning.


    Once set to automatic, the clever technology remains alert for the need to respond the moment you start cooking.


    Constantly adjusts to capture and eliminate rising cooking odours, vapour or steam.


    Perimeter extraction technology creates a high velocity vacuum that is more effective over a wider area than traditional rangehoods.


    Even when on full speed the compact but powerful extractor fan is far quieter than conventional technology.


    A small range of simple, soft touch buttons, gives you control of the technology inside.


    Designed as a partner product in style and size to the IZONA CookSurface, the revolutionary new 'gas-through-glass' cooking technology.


    The sheer reflective black glass finish, makes greasy, unsightly filter traps a thing of the past.


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